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30 April, 2017

Shock & Awe

I finally got around to unpacking and did my best with unwinding, usually with a drink in my hand and forever lounging about in my silky PJs, but unsurprisingly given my early departure, endless hours of homework needed doing, as well as the two coursework assignments due before the break was over.  Daddy and I did, however manage to squeeze in some much-needed conversations in between both of our working and I got around to prancing about the flat, sprinkling a plethora of Christmas decor all about as I went somewhere along the way.

The thing that occupies most of our time (rightfully so in my opinion) is the one that we two will always have in common--a shared love of food.  Be it morning runs to Coffee Bean to get our caffeine fix, gobbling down rice crackers, Airheads, and Cheese-Its (in my case at least) galore while soaking up some much-needed sun out on the balcony, lunchtime dates throughout the city, or the hearty late-night dinners enjoyed while watching endless hours of the Food Network... time well-spent, and time treasured.

Only a few days after my arrival, Sofie had her college graduation party!! It was so, so strange to have Louise picking me up, never mind seeing her again Arizona but given that her parents finally finished building their stunning new home here, soooo I suppose we'll just have to get used to it!! I have a strange feeling it won't take much adjusting on either of our behalves if this day was any indicator!

I couldn't wait to see the house that I'd heard so much about during the process of building it and of course to see the rest of the Hansen clan again as well.  The place is nothing less than expected, a beautiful mixture of both the American and Danish architecture and style I'd say and was properly decked out with Christmas and graduation decor throughout for the coming festivities.

There was plenty of food and wine to go around a few times (and then some) as we all mingled--family, friends, family-friends, and employees alike, good vibes echoing throughout before it was just "the kiddos" left.  Louise, Sofie's good friend Jessie and myself were all terribly jet-lagged, all of us having flown in earlier on in the week, but agreed to go out with the rest of the group for a drink thereafter in celebration of our girl.

Our Uber--a massive 4x4 truck, as you do--pulled up in the driveway to take us in to Old Town Scottsdale.  Mind you, this'd be Louise's and my first proper night out in The States and we were fully under the impression that we'd all just be heading to a bar for a night cap.  We were hyperventilating for a good 10 min. once we were dropped off in the middle of Scottsdale's prime nightlife location, desperately trying to soak it all in.  For me, it was just so incredibly strange to be experiencing my old city, the city where I grew up, in this way and with Louise by my side?! SO, so strange.  Having been living in Denmark and London for the past 6 years, it's not as though the party scene was unfamiliar but hell, the Americans do everything in a different way to the rest of us!!

Now, it sure as sh*t wasn't a bar that we ended up at (at least not by our standards) but we all made it through a few drinks, desperately trying to ignore the jet-lag that was either unbearable or turning us into over-tired weirdos (I) before calling it a night.  A night to remember at that...

Just in time for us to recover, Louise and I met up for the classic cocktails and catchup a day or two later.  God, it's good to be able to legally drink over practical!
If only I'd been ID-ed a single time as of yet..........................................c'mon!!



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