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04 April, 2017

November: The Start

November was one of those months.  It seemed to drag on endlessly but that's likely just because it was the time standing in between me, a Christmas holiday, and most importantly, seeing my Daddy & Lina in Arizona.

To pass the time, pool dates and the usual Wednesdays were continued...along with a few added dates (the outcome of the US election, for example, called for a little more alcohol), Mads flew to Slovakia for a stag weekend leaving me with a bit of alone time at home (which ended up with me being cooked for at Sofia's and treated with the wonderful Ginja), and although I wouldn't say it helped the time pass (pretty sure it did the exact opposite), of course November was largely filled with an obscene amount of uni work and actual work, leading up to the holidays.

While I think it's one of the most beautiful times of year, sweet Lordie was November a cold, tiring, stressful, and trying month...and that was just my standpoint after the first week or two!!


The day of the results felt like a funeral -___-


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