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18 April, 2017

November: The End

This Thanksgiving didn't exist for me as it just didn't sit right to celebrate given how taken aback, frustrated, disgusted, and seething I found myself when reading and watching second-hand the incomprehensible atrocities going on in Standing Rock, North Dakota.

I was raised with a lot of respect, intrigue, and knowledge surrounding Native Americans as both of my parents chose to educate themselves (quite in-depth in my Mother's case) on their history and culture.  It only ever seemed fitting given that we resided (and some still do) in Arizona, USA...but one of many states with a comprehensive list of indigenous people (the Navajo, Apache, Hopi, Maricopa, Mojave, & Tohono O'odham to name a few) who's land (whether it's viewed as such legally or not) we called our home for many years as well.

Given all that indigenous people the world over have had to endure throughout history, to see that barbaric continuance in current-day is so deeply disturbing (like many other recent events) and stuck with me.  It never ceases to amaze me what some people will do to further their agenda and for money and also has yet to cease to piss me off.  I can only imagine what the Sioux tribe members felt all while just trying to peacefully protest a destructive and invasive plan for what little land they have left and a resource as precious as clean, potable water.

It didn't do anything, didn't change a thing...but in my head and heart, not celebrating was the best I could do at the time to stand with them and support their braveness, strength, and love for Mother Earth.

Thanksgiving, t he day that marked the beginning of our relationship with the Native Americans who all those many years ago, offered us food, water, and the safety of their land upon our arrival and all these many years later they're met with brutality & violence, their human rights stripped away,  all to stand up for what they've been permitted to call their home now... ?!??!?!?!??!?!?!

I realise that most people do not view Thanksgiving in this way and in my eyes, is a day to spend with family & friends, appreciating all that you have.  A beautiful sentiment with a dark history...

Thankfully, as this is being written, the army has decided that the Dakota Access Pipeline will NOT pass through the Standing Rock Reservation and while it's surely (unfortunately) not the end of a harsh battle, it's a positive step forward and surely, a massive victory for all of the brave Sioux members and the people who've come out to stand with them in solidarity.

A few days after non-Thanksgiving, Ricardo hosted his flat housewarming/33rd. birthday bash. Personalised vino in hand along with my growing frustration over but one of my shoe's laces falling down FOUR TIMES, we made the short walk to Riccy's fabulous new place.  He'd originally wanted to implement a theme but due to planning issues, it fell through.  The last theme he'd discussed in my presence was glitter and all while knowing I'd be the only one there in line with it, I couldn't resist going through with it anyways!

It was a great night but how could it not be when you've got plenty of booze, some Portuguese-inspired food, and loads of hilarious and wonderful company??? The end of it was...interesting, trying, and well, a bit of a mission for Sofia and I for reasons I have a feeling a few people would rather that did not disclose hahaha

Seeing as we sobered up while the night was still young, it only seemed fair that we give a good buzz another try the day following at Bloom for brunch...that turned into continued drinks...which turned into trying out the best (confirmed!) Vietnamese place in our area.

Monday rolled around and that was yet another one of our boys' birthdays!! We celebrate D over some casual drinks at the usual spot, gave him his prezzies (well received!), and all turned in early (the true gift of the day!)

Suddenly the last Wednesday for a month and a half arrived and, of course, we went down in style ;)



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