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10 April, 2017

Mads' Birthday Weekend

As mid-November rolled around Mads and I jetted off to good old Denmark for a quick trip so that he could celebrate his birthday with his family.  Upon arrival, it did not appear as though he was a particularly well-behaved boy this past year.  Our pilot stated multiple times exactly how cold, gloomy and down-right terrible the weather as we landed and please note, WE WERE FLYING FROM ENGLAND, so that must be saying something!!

We left the light snow, hail, rain, wind, & freezing temps behind as we made our way towards Fyn where the sun peaked its head out from the "snow clouds", as I like to call them, for a few hours (lucky) before reverting back to typical Danish Autumn weather.  

The majority of the fam managed to make it over to celebrate the boy but even with the guest list upwards of 20, we had food for days to come.  Three whole roasts, two different types of salads, two different types of potatoes, two different types of bread, every alcohol imaginable, cakes, cookies, candy...his parent's really don't screw around when it comes to a party!  

It was a pretty chilled out night so although exhausted from a sleepless week in London, we were up early the next day to pop down to surprise Mama and spend a few hours with her before heading back to Odense to meet his cousin Trine's first baby girl.  She was so tiny!!!!!!! I have far too many pictures of a baby that's not even my own but she was just too darn cute to resist!  Both Trine & her partner Martin seemed so relaxed and very comfortable as first-time parents, which was great to see.

Thereafter I was dropped off in the city for drinks and Christmas gift exchanges with my best girl, Polina before grasping desperately onto a few hours of sleep prior to our trip back to Billund, and further onwards to London the morning following.   She looked just as amazing as I knew she would (even if she didn't) in her new coat and the ring she gave me is already bringing me good luck!!

It's amazing that we live in a world where it's possible to spend a few days in a completely different country than the one we reside, and then head on back home again to start up work and the daily routine as if we'd never left.  I still get, even more so now I think, that damn near "dizzy" feeling, especially with these shorter trips.  You've been in one place long enough to have accomplished something and enjoyed it and then you're in a completely different place once a few hours have passed.  

Travel is just such a mind-boggling opportunity/concept to me...and I doubt that'll ever change seeing as I've been at it for 21 years now.  I love it, chaotic and sleep-deprived as it usually is :P

It was a lovely, albeit quick trip home and I know that both his family and mine thoroughly appreciated being able to see us, just as we did them, even if it was just for a little while.  Until next time!!


A new phone case wasn't the worst idea...


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