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03 April, 2017

Halloween Prep & Party 2016

Halloween is one of my absolute favourite times of the year.  I say that because to me, Halloween encompasses the entirety of late September on until probably about the first week of November in my mind (whereas others (strange, strange humans) just see it as a one day holiday…

That being said, probably because I love it so much, it requires a lot of prep and thereby, stress.  In having two jobs, keeping up (with the Kardashians or trying desperately, rather ) with uni, and maintaining some sort of social life, there was very little spare time to go as all out as I'd have wanted to but some things made their way in.  I got a bit of Halloween decorations setup in our flat, watched a few Halloween Movies, Mads and I did our Jack O'Lanterns (albeit quite late--not until Hallow's Eve), and ate far too many sweets hehehe

What I was probably most proud of doing, perhaps with the exception of our costumes, was whipping up the White Bean Chilli that I've come to see as a Halloween tradition.  My old neighbour, Cindy, from back when I lived in Arizona first shared the recipe with our family when they moved onto the lane and I've had as far back as I can remember in my childhood.  Though I didn't see how to keep the tradition of having a driveway party (does anyone even have a driveway in London??), or manipulating my way into trick-or-treating again, I thought it'd be nice to not only hold on to a tradition that I have such found memories with, but to share it with my new friends/family over here.

I'd finished my morning/afternoon shift at the café, popped home to do my workout, shower, and re-dress for my night/morning shift at job numero dos, picked up the necessary ingredients from the grocery store, went back home, made enough of this chill for a good 20 people, and headed off to work.  My October in a nutshell :P

I'm so, so happy with how it turned out as obviously, being in England, I don't have access to the same ingredients used back in The States but I was happily surprised with how well the substitutes worked out.  I couldn't taste the difference!!!

This state of Halloween-y chaos continued on until the day of the Halloween party where I went straight from work to D's to help where I could with setup.  Turns out, Halloween decorations are some of the most frustrating to setup (at least when you're in a highly over-tired state of perfectionism-craving that we were) so it took me three hours just to setup the cobwebs alone hahaha 

Dylan had already done the bathroom and the kitchen just needed a few last-min. decorations here and there but the living room and hallways was an absolute mission!! I ended up calling Mads and Sofia over for backup when I realised exactly how little time we had left before people were meant to start arriving.  We finished with a mere 40 min. to spare but all of the decorations were up and the food was prepared so all we were missing was, well, ourselves.

I'd come up with the idea for Mads' & my costume maybe a week before after having bounced around with other Halloween costume ideas for myself for the entirety of the month and when I presented it to him, he couldn't say no ;)  Apart from ordering two small (though crucial) accessories for our costumes, not a single other item had been previously selected, tried on, or even thought of until we burst through the door post-decorating and scrambled to get our sh*t in order, ASAP!  

After attempting to multi-task for about 10 min. I gave up, sat Mads down, and did him up first so that afterwards I could quickly, though more devotedly, prepare my costume.  Frustrating as it was under the time crunch, I was quite happy to see him absolutely clueless regarding hair, makeup, and outfit selection for the evening's festivities...probably a good sign given what his costume!!

We must have had some good spirits on our side that night because the clothing basically came jumping off the rails to me, both of us fit into either our first or second selections and we were out the door, only running about 20 min. late!

I can't believe I'm saying this but…my boyfriend makes a pretty lady.  Even on our way to Dylan's to pick up some last-minute party supplies, I got all of the double-takes from passersby and from the lads in our local corner shop but no one, until placed smack in front of him, gave Mads a second look!!! HILARIOUS.  Oh, I so enjoyed the reactions--all positive--and, unsurprisingly, mostly directed towards Mads.  Bless him, such a good sport!! 

Unnervingly to an extent but he really started to get into character!! You could visibly see him moving so differently from what he normally would.  Maybe that wasn't him embracing femininity of his ensemble but rather just the discomforts that come from wearing a push-up bra and body-con pencil skirt bring!! Either way, it brought his character for the evening into a believable state.  

I'm just going to take a moment as say how much fun I had running about acting like the world's biggest twat just for a few hours--eating all of the grub, grabbing the ladies, bitching about everything under the sun…guess you could say the outfit rubbed off on me as well.  The only downside was the pillow I had strapped around my stomach.  It gave an all-too realistic idea of a but a small semblance of what it feels like to be pregnant...MAN, MOVING IS HARD.  AND DON'T GET ME STARTED ON BENDING OVER OR TRYING TO SIT DOWN COMFORTABLY Y'ALL!!

Everyone's outfits were so lovely, and suited each individual very well I'd say.  I particularly enjoyed the en pointe choice Sofia made of going as Wednesday Addams.  The resemblance was uncanny--and not just in physical appearance ;)  The nibbles for the night were perfect and practical, we managed to sneak in a few catchups in between glasses of wine and before we knew it, after all of the hype, excitement, and preparation for this night, we were all falling asleep right around midnight.

The party had some nice, chilled-out vibes which were quite welcomed, although unexpected, change from our usual celebration methods.  Suddenly the leftovers of the food were stored away, flat cleaned, trash out, goodnights and thank you's said, and we were all home and in bed before the clock struck 1.

I wish it all hadn't gone by so quickly but it always does once the holiday in itself rolls around, doesn't it?? It's always the lead-up and all of the preparations that make it into what it is, really and then once the day/night rolls around, it's just about enjoying it.

I hope you all had a wonderful start to the Autumn months and had a spectacular (it took so much energy to not say spook-tacular guys.  Appreciate my efforts.)  Happy Halloween!


P.S. Just now shooting this in April is laughable and brings me great pain.  Thanks for bearing with the delay guys, I appreciate it.  A lot of not-so-fun stuff has happened that's just made my blog fall quite low on the list of priorities unfortunately.  Big love and much appreciation to you all!


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