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22 April, 2017

H&M Black Friday Haul: Tops Edition

I'm not a big fan of what Black Friday does to people and find it to be incredibly hypocritical to preach gratitude, appreciate the most important things in life, etc. one day and then go out and trample other human beings over materialistic items the day following.  With that being said, if you were planning on buying something to begin with and can get it for a better price from the comfort and safety of your own home, why the hell not?

I'm an organisational freak and my shopping screenshots are a perfect example of this.  Everything I find online that I fancy and might have a desire to purchase is screenshot-ed, priced, and organised in a variety of categories (prices based on currency, brands, item description, etc.) in folders on my computer.  As anal as this is, it's extremely helpful when cheeky "holidays" like Black Friday roll. Many stores/brands change the prices of some items leading up to the day so that they can jack them up again, making it look like a massive sale steal when in reality you'll be paying the exact same, if not more on Black Friday.  Me & my "conspiracy theories" work against that in using my special little system.

Everything I got was already on my radar but because of the guaranteed better prices, I snuck in a few extras as well!  Mads couldn't resist a good deal either and finally went out and bought an absolutely giant telly. Man, he was a happy camper and did it make my little excuse for a television look positively minuscule!!

Note, I didn't prance around taking shameless selfies of me & my new tops (close though) so there aren't pictures of all of the ones I snapped up but, all of the links are listed below.  This is also due to the fact that unfortunately H&M's wonky sizes got the better on me on a good two or three of them. Lina's ended up being able to fit and use them though so at least it wasn't a waste of time and money at the end of it all.  The tops photographed will have their links next to the pictures :)


-Black ruffled blouse

-Black v-neck blouse 

-Black t-shirt blouse 

-Navy v-neck blouse

-Navy blouse with stars 


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