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24 April, 2017


The jet-lag's pretty gnarly for the first few days, if not the full first week for me and it's normally a pretty chilled-out agenda (thankfully) following a long-haul trip as well.  Daddy's relocated to another flat since last year and I love the place.  I think it's so much more him than the previous one (which was also very, very temporary), the view is great, we've still got access to all of the same amenities,  and it's overall just super hyggeligt, very cosy, and very homey.   

For me, just being around family that I so rarely get to see, in the place I grew up (bonus) is all I really need to experience on these trips for me to consider it a success but hey, we all know, if you throw in some good food, I'll only become a happier person!!  Given the amount I consumed within the first 3 days of being back in The States, I think it's safe to say that it's pretty good that I don't live here permanently hahaha  But hell, it's the holidays, I'm going to enjoy it!!  

The most exciting bit "accomplished" in the start of the trip was probably having my first legal drink up at the bar here.  It's taken 6 looonnnnggg years in Europe of dedicated practice to lead up to that glass but hell, it's a big deal in a weird way, and with my best buddy (Daddy) nonetheless.  




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