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08 March, 2017

Work & The Aftermath

Much to my ego and overall sanity's disdain, I've got a job.  Two new ones, actually.  Which in damn near any other sector, would thrill me!! However, with so much to pay for in these Autumn/Winter months and time not being on my side as I always go away from Christmas for a month and a half, I bit the bullet and applied.  As much as I honestly d e s p i s e the hospitality industry and assured myself that after all of my hard work this summer at the Vester Skerninge Kro, it would be over, it's already taken such a weight off of my shoulders.  Having some income is better than none, right?  So now I'm at yet another café and at Fulham Wine Rooms :)

I'm sincerely hoping to switch things up once I'm back from The States & Denmark, where I, to the best of my knowledge, won't have the most endless list of things to commit to financially unlike currently.

Happy to get out of the house, earn some money, and work my tush off much as I have to fight off the urge to knock someone out daily...and am soooo not a morning person (especially when the sun hasn't even come up yet)!!  Fulham can be quite beautiful early in the mornings though, I must admit...but again, only once the sun's come up!

If being unemployed seemed like a good and reason to have a few more drinks with my friends, being employed again justifies the continuance of it!!  Can I get an amen up in this /&R%DCF!VBN#IU(/&T!R?? Pigging out on sushi past midnight with Sofia's always fun too ;)



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