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07 March, 2017

Up To No Good

Another night out on the town with the favourites!
Sofia and I had gone up the road to another local pub on a previous nighttime excursion and were pleasantly surprised with the place.  It had good music, was spacious, made good drinks for a very reasonable price, and better yet...had pool tables and a lot of potential for people-watching.

Given the potential we saw, we thought we'd drag the boys along after starting off at our usual spot to try our luck at pool.  Sweet Lord we all suck equal amounts (except Mads, screw him) but that fact, along with round-after-round of Pornstar Martinis and random shots made for a highly entertaining evening.  Our new spot perhaps?

Sofia, Dylan and I ventured as far as to go over the bridge to Putney in hopes of continuing our night in a place that wasn't one of our backyards or living rooms but alas...after a lot of walking and even a bit of sprinting (never again) we gave up and headed back home.  Sofia stayed with me until the wee hours of the morn chatting away, discussing everything under the sun, with the topic of music taking the front-line, as usual, until even us insomniacs could feel our eyelids beginning to droop.  The morning after?  For once, I felt like my entire body was drooping haha In an attempt to cure it I whipped up my "healthy hangover" food--a cheese, broccoli, and spinach omelette (turned into scrambled eggs due to my lack of patience) with brown toast, avocado, and a bit of mayo. Surprisingly, mmmmm!!


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