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06 March, 2017

Not My Way

The first two days of October were spent really going at it with my best in this whole sha-bang of job-hunting and unfortunately, not being met with the same sort of positivity.  It sucks, doesn't it?  When you feel like you're doing your best and nothing just seems to go your way :/

Chin up, I've got a lovely boy in my life who cuddles me and feeds me gourmet burgers while putting up with animated film after the other and a lovely lady who invites me over for antihistamines that go along with kitty cuddles and homemade lasagne while we make fun of the mess that has become of the music videos today over bottles of cider.  A good Skype sesh with sissy when you're down-in-the-dumps never hurt either.

Stay positive all, I'm doing my best and then some as well so something's got to go in my/our favour soon enough.



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