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26 March, 2017


After a long, tiring start to the new week, our Hump Day celebrations were, as per usual, welcomed with open arms.

I must admit, it was quite nice to know that it wasn't just me that had had a seemingly rough start that week.  Starting a new job up again after having been out sick for so long and playing catch-up with uni (thankfully not that bad as lucky for me, some of my seminars had been cancelled for unknown reasons the same week I was out sick), so much to do, so little time.

My outfit for the evening simulated my mood spectacularly.  Some black skinny jeans (similar here), a comfy t-shirt (available here), a bomber jacket (available here), some peep-toe heeled boots (similar here), and a massive scarf and winter coat (similar here and here) to snuggle up in.  All of which to me screamed: give me alcohol, a giant-ass burger, and then leave me alone to wallow in my own self-pity in the company of my friend.



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