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06 March, 2017

Misjudged Behaviour

I won't bog SMITR down with posts of a seemingly endless unemployment period that would essentially just show me running around my flat in my PJ's with a bottle of wine, chocolate cookies, and Netflixing like a pro so apologies for the only "real" posts being our shenanigans every Wednesday but hey, I don't get out much these days!!

Dylan's joined this new website called Tailster where you can walk and look after other people's animals for a pretty penny.  I, of course, joined as well being a massive animal lover and having a bunch of time at home at the moment.  His two newest companions accompanied him to our evening at Bloom and my training, as entertaining as it was for the rest of the table probably wasn't as much so for the dogs haha Henri just sat there, looking down at the two Dachshunds as if to say, "I've already been through this, don't involve me!!"  It was a long road but even Henri know's what's up now and he's gotten so, so much better!  Not taking all the creds here but I'll copyright the "stop technique" I taught him and Dylan ;)

I sound crazy, and easily looked just as much but consistency, a firm voice, and a bunch of cuddles gets you somewhere.  I kid you not, by the end of the night I got Elvis to sit on command and to stop humping his sister as often as he did before (there's a reason I was holding her the majority of the evening).  D's putting in a good word for me up at Bishop's Bark--a doggy daycare we have here in Fulham.  If I could end up working with animals, I'd be a happy, happy girl!! Rather animals than humans, any day...

I wore one of my favourite black and white blouses (similar here) with a black lace balcony bra peaking through (similar here), a pair of high-waisted black shorts (similar here) along with my beloved Chelsea boots (similar here), and an old treasure and a forever-classic: a floppy hat (similar here) for a night of doggy-training and drinks with the crew.



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