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11 March, 2017

Food Motivated

Sundays, now that neither of us have to work, are recovery days.  Regardless as to whether we've had a big night the day before, they are used the way they were forever meant to--in good company, over copious amounts of food, in cozy outfits.

We headed to Bloom, ordered a bottle of our favourite Ros√© to kick off our brunch date, and followed it up with some classic Eggs Benny.  As if that was enough for us wuahhahah Round two involved mini pancakes for Sofia and a cheese, cranberry jam, rocket, and a parma ham sandy for myself over some delicious coffee/hot chocolates.

Both satisfied with our food comas and slight buzzes, we headed our separate ways.  What exactly I used the rest of my day on, God knows, because everything kind of just got swept away in the fact that I found an amazing Mexican food place with a killer giant "American" (so sad, yet so funny) burrito with my name written aaaaaalllll over it.

So essentially I just ate all day. Happy child.  Love me a good Sunday ;)



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