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17 March, 2017

Down For The Count

How typical is this?  I finally, after struggling for weeks-on-end, secure two jobs...and then I get sick. Really, disgustingly, frustratingly, sick.  With what? I can't say I'm sure as it didn't even appear as though my doctor was...It would seem that I'd caught some bug, which we "treated" with some antibiotics and on my way I went!! Until a week later when my immune system gave out completely, likely picked up on something else, combining that with my levels of stress and exhaustion, developed into something resembling the Flu.  Sucks enough already, right?  Nah, that led to Pneumonia with a touch of "temporary asthma".  You can't help but laugh, can you?  (Don''s actually the easiest way to trigger a crazy cough attack, man.)

Needless to say, I was pretty out of haha  I was bedridden for nearly two weeks before I could do semi-normal human activities apart from sleeping, drinking water, and taking my then second course of antibiotics -___-

Of course none of that could have hit when I was home and unemployed anyways, right?  No, has a mysterious way of f*cking with you like that; at least mine does.

Excuse the lack of posts but for the aforementioned reason, I was pretty much down for the count. I feel so much better now but that hideous cough still lingers.  'Tis the season & all of that jazz!!

STAY WARM, STAY HEALTHY, STAY SAFE...and in doing so, enjoy the colours of the leaves changing, the crisp (very crisp), fresh Autumn air, the delish hot seasonal drinks, and the relish in the fact that Halloween is just around the corner y'all!! ( the time this was written hahaha)



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