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17 March, 2017

Bounce Back

Staying cooped up at home for too long really messes with your head!!  I decided, screw it, I'm now mobile again and although I breathe like some creature of the dark, I desperately needed human interaction, the feeling of wearing clothing apart from pyjamas, and a strong drink definitely wouldn't be passed up at this poin either!! I called upon Sofia for a good catchup (seriously, us not seeing each other at least once if not twice...thrice weekly feels like months) and we headed off to our new favourite pub for some dinner (nachos and a Southern fried chicken BBQ sandwich (drool)), drinks, and a few rounds of pool.

Afterwards, I'd been talking up my all-time favourite board game, Myretuen, and convinced Sofia to pop back home with me and give it a go.  It's so simple but highly addictive and with us two, extremely competitive (SOB cheated, I will never let that go! Thought I ate the piece...).  We grabbed some sweets and snacks, Vino, and somehow, even managed to drag Henry out for a few hours of chilled-out fun.

SO GOOD TO FEEL "HEALTHY" AGAIN.  You never know how much you hate being sick until you're sick and try to remember what it was like when you could actually breathe through your nose when desired!!


What I Wore:

Dress--similar here
Blazer--similar here
Heels--similar here


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