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02 February, 2017

First Days

Presented by my Snapchat Story...essentially...

I spent our first proper day back cleaning the flat spotless for eight long, gruelling hours before finally unpacking and starting on the washing.  Oh, coming home again... There had originally been the idea of a welcome-back barbeque/move-in party for Ricardo, an especially good idea considering how remarkable the weather was here as well but unfortunately, the invites went out too late and the majority of the hopeful attendees would be unable to make it.

I'd just finished showering and had hopped into my PJ's when my phone began buzzing incessantly. After convincing/pleading/bribing message number seven** I gave in to Dylan's request for me to join him at Bloom for a long overdue catchup and some wine.  I met him and sweet little nugget Henri shortly thereafter and suddenly one bottle turned into two and then Elma was there to close up :D  Back at it with the old routine, seamlessly ;)

My second day back was equally exhausting, though more enjoyable than the first as the long list of to-do's that I've been writing for the past 3.5 months for once I got back, could at least be done in a clean environment!! The surely record-breaking temperatures as well as brunch plans with Ricardo and a wine date in the park with Sofia contributed positively as well.  Eggs Benny always goes down quite well, as does a much-needed conversation about all things family, music, and persona-related with on of my best girls.

It's worth noting that Ricardo purchased his Grandparent's flat just around the time that I left and has been completely re-doing it ever since.  The only real element he was missing now, as we dove into the countless issues he'd faced whilst I was away during his complete re-decorating, was one that he'd already come to miss...doors and locks!!

He'd been trying to get someone to tend to this rather pressing aspect of his new home for nearly a month when it dawned on him that perhaps Mads would be able to do it now that he too was back in town.  We agreed to come over for a full personalised showing of his new home so Mads could have a look at what needed to be done and I could fawn over how marvellous of a job he'd done having done half of the extensive amount of re-decorating and building himself.

The new place is, no surprise, absolutely gorgeous!! He admitted to it being very Scandinavian inspired so again, no surprise that I fell in love from the moment I walked through the front door!

Not having had enough of each other quite yet, nor being fully satisfied with the amount of my dolls that I'd manage to see since arriving back, I invited the whole crew over for drinks and nachos at our place later that evening.

Dylan and Anthony were unable to make it due to severe jet-lag (can't blame them, I know it all too well myself) but Ricardo, Sofia, and Henry happily accepted.  It also only seemed fitting that now that I'd seen Rickie's new place that he finally get around to seeing mine!

It was so great to get to see everyone and have the gang back together again.



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