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05 February, 2017

At It

The first few days back in London felt a bit strange.  Having been away for "so long", it was expected, especially as I had to re-establish my old routines and make way for better, new ones as well.

Once the mass amount of unpacking, washing, and cleaning were done and out of the way, I got a lot (hours and hours for y'all) of picture editing and blog posts lined up, and I tried to get the last bit of university details tended to(sorting out modules, tuition, etc...they really don't ever try to make an effort to make it easy for you, do they?! :/), the excruciating job-hunt began, as did my new workout routine.

Anyone looking for a short HIT programme to do a few times a week (I'm currently doing four), I'd highly recommend any videos that Danielle Peazer, a professional dancer, posts on Youtube in collaboration with Icon UK.  The one I'm currently using (that is handing my ass to me every time, leaving me drenched in sweat) is the 25 min. full body workout. It's great cardio and really gets you using muscles in your body you forgot or never even knew you had!  I do this along with doing Blogilate's 6 min. to sexy arms workout as they've always been what I've considered my "problem area" seven times weekly.  The great bit about these workouts is that yes, they challenge you, but I've always been a fan, given my consistently busy schedule, of a shorter, but more difficult workout that really pushes you to do your best, since it's so much shorter.  If you're struggling, just do either of these in a way that best suits you and your body and before long, you'll really get into it and can start adding things to make it harder.  I like to use weights with my arm workouts and having started doing 30 squats during the 6 min. intervals as well.

Before I knew it, our beloved Wednesday rolled around and it was time for the crew to be reunited once again and for us to be in our element ;)  Sofia and I kicked it off early with some vino, liquorice, (she likes to surprise me with new ones that she's found as she knows how much I absolutely live for good liquorice (hard to find in England...)) and girly gossip before heading over to Bloom to meet Dylan and later, unbeknownst to us, S A M M Y <3 <3 <3

We knew that the last piece of our Bloom gang was to be headed down to us in the city at one point or another in either this month, or in October but we did not expect for it to be that soon!! The amount of shrieking that took place...poor Dylan hahaha It's hard to explain to men that regardless of how cool a chick you are, when you see your girls, you can't help it...the shrieks just come.

The day following I was at home, doing the usual--cranking out job applications, keeping our home clean and beautiful, doing my workouts, and Skyping the bestest while I actually still had time to do so!!  Of course my sweet Daddy was on the top of that list so after I got ready to meet Sammy, Sofia, and Jack at Bloom for another quick hello before they had to head back up North  (TOO SHORT OF A TRIP GUYS. DISAPPROVAL RATING IS VERY HIGH!!), we had a nice long chat :)

I enjoyed a scrumptious dinner of beef, a cream cheese and cheddar twice-baked potato, and some oven-roasted onions a'La Mads before calling it a night.

Another three productive days done and dusted! Welcome back, London ;)


You can get my Wednesday look here:

White Blouse
Black Skater Skirt
Pointed Ankle Boot Stilettos
Leather Jacket


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