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19 February, 2017

Another Week, Another Wednesday

As much as there was of practical things to get sorted once I was back, the list dwindled much faster than I expected.  Then I got to do all of things I'd been meaning to do for awhile but struggled to find the motivation and time...done...Until uni started up again and I managed to secure employment, I had an awful lot of time on my hands and for someone like me?  It'll drive you crazy.

As mental as I may be when I'm busy, I damn-near fly off-the-rails when I feel restless.  With nothing to do but come up with ideas to make the hours go by at home when not working out, cleaning, or shooting out more CV's, a set date to go out and socialise is just as much of a dream as it is a little sanctuary when our stressful lives get to us and we're all running about like headless chickens.

You know the drill.  Gay Wednesdays: commence.


Top--similar here
Flare jeans--similar here
Boots--similar here
Choker--similar here
Blazer--similar here


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