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07 February, 2017

A Night To Remember (So Try Not To Forget)

Saturday rolled around and Mads and I kicked off what was to be a very early night for him and a very, very long night for me at the Octoberfest Pub to ring in one of his good mate's from work's birthday.  There were a few of the other boys there to celebrate as well and a lot of his family came out for some proper German beers and a good time.

Sofia came down to say hello and after a cider and a painful first quarter of the football game, we headed off to a place we knew had food we actually had a desire to consume :P  We made it to our sanctuary in time for me to nearly knock Nigel over in shock with the amount of toppings for my burger, rattling them off, excitement increasing with each mouth-watering ingredient that left my lips (mmmm mmm mmmm!!) and to catch Dylan and José flying past Bloom--Henri and a mysterious other dog in hand.

On their way back, after I had no less than two people (idiots) offer to wipe my face for me post-burger session, we reeled them in...and so the night began!! The mysterious other puppy was Buzz, a beautiful Golden Retriever Dylan was watching.  SO MUCH FLUFF!!! He was quickly coined "Fuzzy Buzzy" for the remainder of the evening.  About six different cocktails and a round of Tequila later, we collectively decided that the night was far from over...

I ran up to check on Mads who was far-past inebriation, sprawled out on the couch, devouring his pizza and chicken wings as though his life depended on it and of course, in this well-meant process, I would, for the first time in two years, forget my keys.  Once Sofia had finished shooting Dylan's spontaneous night-time OOTD we sprinted up to the dodgiest pub we have in the area, that D just insisted on seeing Sofia and I in, even if it was just for a single drink.  Thereafter, the adventures continued up to the corner shop to collect what we felt was necessary for the rest of the night.  Crisps, nuts, Vodka, embarrassing first-time Snapchat stories and a near-arrest of a terrible liar-of-a-shoplifter later, we were set.

Regardless of age, the game of Never Have I Ever never seems to get old.  Mixing alcohol, unfortunately, does.  We chatted, danced, and revealed scathing stories of our pasts over that faithful bottle of Vodka that in turn with the unreliable fireplace, lit up the backyard until a little past four in the morning when we decided to call it a night for the sake of our livers...and reputations.

I didn't feel comfortable with Sofia walking home alone and I wasn't sure I remembered where it was or how to get back again, so we decided she'd crash at mine for the night.  Easier said than done as yes, you've guessed it--my keys were nowhere to be found.  We took turns ringing on my buzzer a few hundred times before we were let in.  Mads is such a deep sleeper and upon my thanking him the day following was I made aware that if he had gotten out of bed to let us in, he had no recollection of it.  Taking turns ringing the buzzer clearly was and wasn't the best idea as I'm sure one of us hit the wrong one and one of my blessed neighbours let us up (thank you!!).

Sofia and I had only just gotten up in my flat when suddenly, the buzzer started going off again.  I figured it was Dylan and José taking the piss but much to my surprised, when I gazed into the video monitor, it showed Henry's face!! We'd been trying to lure him out all night but he was far out in the outskirts of London for a birthday bash and was unable to attend...until around half past four in the morning hahahah This meant, of course, that given all of our states, there were now to be two overnighters at La Casa De Emilie though not until we'd had a nightcap, rearranged my living room, and fed Henry chicken wings until he was so knocked out that he didn't even feel it when we desperately tried to get him out of his dress shoes (I have this weird thing with people sleeping while intoxicated with their shoes on...I feel like it cuts of circulation or something).

What a night!! Thankfully for some, the majority was forgotten the day following but me?  Oh, I'll be holding on to those memories for a long time because unlike some others, I can also hold my liquor ;)

Much love,


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