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15 January, 2017

The Magic Of The Black Pearl (Day 7)

What can I say?  The fresh air and the sea did me good!! I didn't wake up feeling much better, albeit, a little, but with the help of a consistent flow of painkillers and being out on the water, I made it through the day without feeling absolutely horrid and that was more than I could have hoped for given my state the day prior!  I do realise how dramatic I feel but it's not the most fun being ill on holiday, especially with whatever bug I managed to catch!!

The trip was absolutely breathtaking!  The water with its variety of blues and greens--each more beautiful than the next--the houses buried in the mountains and atop the cliffs of the islands, how peaceful it felt to be able to bathe in the enchanting waves of the Cretan Sea, all in the company of these absolutely lovely nutters--our captain included (for real though, Captain Jack Sparrow and him would have been great friends)!! I got the feeling the ship was family owned as he seemed to alternate between running around and entertaining the clients with a man that could have quite easily been his brother.  At one point during the trip as well, his kids were sailing and to be honest, were doing just as good of a job!  

He really seemed to love what he did, as most sailors I've met in my time do.  For him, these trips were all the more special because every time we were either forced to walk the plank or willingly hoped into the water, he followed shortly after.  When our time was nearly up, we'd search for the captain only to find him far away from the boat, snorkelling about, always the last one to step foot on deck again.  He knew a lot about the marine life and the unfortunate lack of it in certain areas as he often went diving to experience it in his quest for seashells. 

Charlotte had avidly, to say the very least, taken up snorkelling on this trip and when we were at the beach, you could spot her searching for a shell of her own.  Alas, in these waters, you often had to know exactly where to look and most of the time, the shells could only be found further out.  Before we said our goodbyes, our Captain had noticed her staring at the shells he had propped up in the glass window where behind it, he had dutifully been sailing for the day.  A few minutes before we docked, he presented her with one of them from his collection, without us even having mentioned her hunt for one of her own.


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