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05 January, 2017

Market Madness & A Bug (Day 5 & 6)

The opportunity for us to shop 'til we dropped presented itself when we headed into central Chania to the market.  I have but one word for you lovelies: leather.  I went absolutely mental, flying about the market from stall to stall, inhaling the distinct smell of real leather products hanging in the air, all but completely disregarding the rest of the family on my hunt for the perfect presents to bring home to all of my loved ones and perhaps, a few items for my burgeoning closet as well ;)

Some areas of the city were more modern than others but we stuck mostly to the older side of it where there were more stalls than there were actual shops.  The one shop that managed to suck me in was one filled with all natural, Paraben-free, handmade body products.  Every amazing natural ingredient listed on the array of beautifully packaged Cretan goodies pulled me further and further in to the woman's admittedly impressive sales techniques, even wooing Tove and Charlotte into leaving with a bag or two of products.

I, surprisingly perhaps to some, did not walk out with a single item for myself :P  I did manage to get my sister, Michael, Sofia, and Sammy some hopefully soon-to-be well received prezzies.  My concern in purchasing some great product was that if I fell in love with it or my body reacted well was that I'd be unable to get my hands on it without having another trip to Crete in the cards. Thankfully, as we walked out, bags pulling our arms down closer to the cobblestone street, a large stash of brochures including their website where we could buy everything we'd smelled, tried, gawked over, and/or left with.

As I was eyeing up a pair of hand-carved olive tree salad servers as a potential gift for Dylan, it dawned on me that this time, I actually had lost the family!! Quickly purchasing them, I briskly walked further down the seaside shopping road to discover them being hastily pulled in to a rather interestingly decorated restaurant.

We'd quite literally just gotten up from having a few drinks at a nearby café and although I did feel that lunchtime was right around the corner, I hadn't expected it to be quite literally right around the corner from where we'd just left.

They didn't feel they had a leg to stand on, the owner so convincingly shooing them into one of the large tables facing the water, half of the conversation going on in Danish, with the promise of free drinks and dessert.  Clearly, in my absence any ability to politely (or in some instances I've found a more stern approach can be required) decline the "invitation"was as well, absent.

We'd all decided to go out to eat in the city one of the days and for the price we ended up paying, we could have gone two or three times to restaurants much, much nicer than the one they got pulled into. As downright hilarious and charming as the mental owner was (uhm, I was the most beautiful girl in the world (okay), to be his wife (ehmmmm), Mads was not to touch me (right...) or he would, as he was some real-life incarnation of Harry Potter (dear Lord) quote, "Abra-ca-da-bra" a certain area of my sweet boyfriend's body to prevent certain future actions from occurring should he decline to obey these seemingly joking orders and constant threats as he passed by our table (ahhahahahahhahahahhahahahahahah).  How we ended up paying around 100 Euro per couple considering how much of our massive and definitely debatably edible meal was promised to be "on the house", I am unaware as apparently the bill checked out. *Sigh*

If the entertainment wasn't worth the price, and the view wasn't worth the price, the largest beers I've seen in my life (mind you, I'm Danish) would have come close ;)  Oh well, another day on a Greek Island.

Whether it was the recovery from the unfathomably large amounts of money I managed to spend at the market and the wooing of an extremely persistent Greek man with a lust for money over beautiful women (clearly) or the army of children parading around our hotel, I found myself feeling heavily under the weather the evening after.  I felt fine most of the day, even went down to the beach for a bit and to step out into the city to pick up some things for the remaining people on my presents list alongside Tove and Charlotte but after securing our final goodies for the trip, and stopping by the local café where we'd left our boys to watch their beloved Manchester United (loserssssssss) I had to go back to the hotel.

I ended up staying in my room, missing dinner and our usual nightly fun & games, favouring the comfort of my bed and a constant stream of water flowing down my throat in hopes of getting rid of the unshakeable stomach cramps, nausea, body pains, and headache that hit me out of the blue.

The one proper outing we'd planned with the exception of the market was the next day.  We'd booked a full day trip on a "Pirate" ship (Charlotte's vote) where we'd sail around, see the island, and stop in some of the best swimming spots.  Best to rest up, no?


Day 6:


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