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24 January, 2017

Leaving Crete, Leaving Mama, & Leaving for London

The time to head back to reality and daily life arrived, this hitting some of us harder than others.  I, for one, was eager to get back to just that as the last few weeks of my time away from London, although appreciated, came with a sense of restlessness and slight homesickness.  Granted, 3.5 months away from the place you usually call home is a pretty decent chunk of time so I saw it as only natural that these feelings finally arose.  Of course, along with these feelings came the sadness of having to say goodbye and thanks for this time, especially when it came to seeing Mama.

We got home around 3:30 a.m., exhausted and freezing (in my case) although the temperatures were an unexpectedly warm 18 degrees, not leaving an awful lot of time to budget in a good night's rest as we'd promised to make out way to Vester Skerninge one last time so that we could drop off a few items and so I could sneak in a few more hugs to last me until I came back to Denmark again. 

Our plans changed rather quickly when I received a Skype message from Mama a few minutes after I'd thankfully woken up early to pack.   She was now to work from mid-day onwards, meaning that if we would be able to see her before flying out later than evening, it'd be for a little over an hour and only if we left immediately.  We finished our packing in record-time with not a single suitcase being overweight, threw on some clean clothes, and were on the road again!!

I'm not sure if Bølle (who'd apparently been struggling with my sudden absence :( ) or Mama was most excited to see me again but the feeling was most definitely mutual!! Updating her on the details of our holiday, flipping through the pictures over a few cups of coffee, we led up to the presents I was so eager to give.  She absolutely adored each and every one them and I swear, she was close to tears when she saw the leather wallet!! I'm so happy that she liked her gifts and that we ended the closing of my stay on such a lovely note.

Mads and I drove back to Odense, sent Charlotte and Kent off, showered, took care of some last-minute details, and then it was back in the car, suitcases and all, and off to the airport again!  Man, it's a good thing I like to travel because being in different airports four times within 24 hours must be an acquired skill/taste :P 

The final leg of our trip went off without a hitch (until we had to attempt to figure out the ever-changing (I will not saying evolving, I refuse!) Uber/Heathrow system), I even got to crack open my new book that Daddy sent over as a little surprise gift and I'm obsessed!! I haven't even gotten a quarter of the way through and I'd already highly recommend it!

Such a nice feeling to be back again...minus the heartbreak that settled in upon glancing at my precious Barbosa :/  I'm not sure there's enough fertiliser or green-thumb tricks to save my poor tree but I'll have to give it a go!  Back to reality and daily life indeed.



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