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13 January, 2017

A Gift From Crete

I love giving presents so even if it's just a small thing, when financially able to, I like spoil my nearest and dearest with a little something from my adventures.

Lina and Michael are to receive a gift basket filled with delicious body butter, lip balms, handmade soaps and hair serums, and Sofia and Sammy just had to have one of the body butters home as well!! 

Given Sofia's blatant addiction to coffee, I also thought it would be fun to bring home some of the hard stuff--Greek coffee alongside some grape cookies (the lady who sold me it recommended them as they were her favourite).

With Dylan being such a cooking aficionado I couldn't walk away from those hand-carved Olive tree salad servers!! I found Henners and Anthony harder to buy for, as I often do struggle when it comes with gifts for men.  However, if there's something I know both of them appreciate, it's liquor ;) I happened upon these cute little boxes filled with two different olive oils (how much more Greek can you get?!), one for cooking and one for salads, a mini bottle of Ouzo, and another of Raki.

Years ago when I was last in Greece with my school back from The States, I brought home what I thought was the perfect pair of leather sandals for my Daddy.  He wears them to this day and adores them endlessly...even though, I kid you not, I bought them a good three sizes too big!!  Trying my luck this time around, I bought two pairs--one in a 42, and one in a 43--slightly more reasonable than the 47 I believe it was, that I gifted to him at age 14 :D

One of the first shops we wandered into after hopping off the bus to the city was this unique jewellery store.  I say unique and I mean it just as you read it but if there's one thing I know my Mama loves, it's handmade jewellery that's different, though somehow, in it's own quirky way, beautiful.  I found a copper cuff bracelet with blue stones and an adjustable funky gold swirly bracelet for her.  In addition to this, I know her well enough to say that when she finds something she likes, she holds onto it for dear life.  I also happened to inherit the preference of investing into something more luxurious, knowing that it would last longer, if taken care of, than something of lesser quality and value.  That being said, this woman has been running around with the same black leather wallet for AT LEAST the past 15 years and it's held up pretty damn well!! However, I know that she's been wishing for the perfect new one to replace her trusty old friend and I found it in the first leather stall I walked into.  I wish I could show it to you but the lady wrapped it so beautifully, I couldn't bear to unwrap it!! 

Finally, a little self-indulgence.  Ever since Lina fell over that small black leather backpack during one of our many second-hand store sprees this summer, I felt myself lusting after one of my own as I used it more than she did following its purchase.  Though not on the cheapest of scales, I realised that I'd be paying just as much, if not more, on the same thing while scouring the web when in front of me, was the real deal.  MINE.

My two other treats were these floral-printed leather clutches.  They are incredibly spacious as they have no less than three rooms in them as well as an detachable strap so they can be worn as cross-bodies or just as a smaller shoulder bag.  In a state of truly stereotypical woman's logic...when faced with the difficult decision of which colour to walk home with...I decided on both!! (Note: since then, both colours have been used equally so it was a justifiable call! ;) )



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