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09 December, 2016


It's no secret that I'm an absolute control freak and that for one reason or another, I tend to live a busy life--be it selectively or forced.  This often means I'm not the easiest person to "book in" unless it's done literally a month in advance or if it's sprung on me with no chance of my thinking through it. Mette's arrival and my sudden trip to Jylland were a perfect mix of both.

We both knew we'd be back home for a lengthy period of time this summer what with her having graduated in London and being back to see her family and my being home to work and chill with la familia as well.  Given this fact, we had a lot of lee-way planning-wise and managed to settle in on a date that fit in between her travelling to London and Italy and my work schedule.

This lovely girl (whom, might I add, I have not seen since my 21st. back in March!) showed up with the biggest, most beautiful bouquet of flowers in tow for Mama (and they somehow matched the guest house's colour scheme magically) so she was already a new friend favourite from the moment she attempted to park the Audi in the driveway, completely blocking the exit for builders who had showed up unexpectedly.

Before long we'd stripped down into our bikinis, had broken out the Rosé, and embarked on what ended up being a 24 hour catchup conversation that resulted in us getting to know each other better in a day than we had managed in the three years we've now come to know each other in.  She unfortunately had to head back the same day to pick up her Mum from work since she was in possession of their only vehicle at the time but as time flew by,we felt we'd only scratched the surface.   All three of us were enjoying ourselves too thoroughly for it to have to end so abruptly.

Had Mama (dubbed "the cool mom" by Mette, though not the first admittedly to throw out said title...) not had to deal with house-related work, I'm 110% sure she would have hopped in the backseat and joined us on our spontaneous trip back to Mette's and I'm just as sure that she would have been absolutely more than welcome to do so!! Alas, we had to leave precious Mama and Bølle behind, but not without taking a bit of them with us.

Once I felt I'd made a sufficiently large enough bouquet of roses to present to her parents as a small token of appreciation for letting me visit so out-of-the-blue, especially considering they'd landed but the day before from their Italian holiday, and Mother had picked half of the garden (her first pumpkin included!!), we started the long drive back up to Mette's.

My girl is an amazing girl, no questions asked, no doubts there and after having met her parents, it's no wonder!! Her Mum and Dad are so, so sweet, very chilled-out people with a fantastic sense of humour.  The additional fact that they had amazing taste in wine, cheeses, and meats that they brought home to their absolutely s t u n n i ng house from Italy that we enjoyed as our dinner was just a well-received bonus ;)

We spent the remainder of the day and a few hours into the next going through bottle after bottle of every colour of wine we could get our hands on (big mistake...always a mistake!) and doing what girls do best--talking.

The morning after was off to a rough start, both of us waking up from a deep slumber to the sun crashing its way into our room, the screams and laughs of the children at school just around the corner echoing in our banging heads.  A few Penodols later, we zombie-walked out to our now-usual seats on the patio, bikinis and blankets in tow, ready for the sun to reach us and for the morning's light chill to vanish.  We quickly gave up on coffee and the prospect of pizza at 10 o'clock in the morning, and instead, pre-placed our order, eased our hangovers with Sun Lollies for breakfast, and cracked open a bottle of sparkling wine (fine, or two...) :D

As always, time passed as it tends to do (quicker though, always, when I find myself in good company) and I boarded the train...another train...and bus home to Mama.  The only positive part of that exhausting public-transport reliant trip home was the gummy bears I'd purchased in the Kiosk to ease the journey and the beautiful sunset I got to experience!!

I came home to Mama blaring Meatloaf through her speakers, on a cleaning frenzy so effective that I swear to you, the guest house sparkled!! With, of course, the exception of the forever fluffy Bølle rambling on from the moment I walked through the gate, very happy to see his buddy again.

A massive thank you to Mette and her lovely family for hosting me on my spontaneous stay, I hope it will be the first of many.  It'll have to be, as I doubt you'll find anyone who can do a "Texas Ranch" accent as good as I ;)



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