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07 December, 2016

Roadside Buys

One thing I love about Denmark is how relaxed and trustworthy people are--how there is an automatic, expected moral compass that guides us all.  An example of this is "roadside buys".  People leave out the fresh produce from their gardens--be it potatoes, peas, strawberries, eggs, flowers--and beside it, the price, and a piggybank for people to deposit the amount requested in exchange for these goods.  I haven't ever heard of anyone having a bad experience with this but that may also be because these "stalls" often make their way up by the side of the road, or in front of peoples' houses out in the countryside where everyone knows everyone.

I'd walked past my Mum's new neighbours house countless times (as you could imagine), never having cash on me, though my eyes never failing to sneak a glance of the items they decided to rid their house of during their summer cleaning bursts.  This adorable white, hand-painted water pitcher and matching cups was but one of the things that continuously drew my attention and along with them, I decided these simple glass and wooden storage jars needed to come home with me to London.

The time finally came when I had a few spare coins in my wallet so on my way back from collecting our dinner from the local pizzeria one night, I finally purchased these cute, Danish roadside buys to take home with me.



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