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31 December, 2016

Irresistable (Day 4)

Day four on our holiday was spent mostly down by the beach tanning, reading, and swimming in the clear blue ocean until our eyes stung so badly from the salt, we'd have to repeat the cycle again ;)

Realising this cycle would likely repeat in the coming days, we hunted down the local pharmacy for some eyedrops and along the way, stopped by to look at a handmade pottery shop.  IF I COULD, OH I WOULD HAVE.  The plates, the bowls, the flower pots that unquestionably weighed at least twice, if not three times my weight, wow!!

I am, however, not assssss crazy as my Mother (yet) and did not end up carrying any giant flower pots half way across the world as hand luggage because they were so irresistibly beautiful and unique.  Not...this time, at least :D

Mads and I had booked in a Cretan couple's massage a few days before so we zoned out for an hour as we were rubbed down in a million different oils, facial peels, scrubs, and lotions containing everything from wort and olive oil to Raki that relaxed us so much we may as well just have offered our room up to the masseuses as we could have easily just have slept there for the evening!



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