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23 December, 2016

If You Like Pina Coladas (Day 2 & 3)

The constant heat allows you to bake comfortably underneath the sun with a Vodka/Lemonade (or a beer, should you so desire) and a good book in hand, taking a dip in the pool to toss around the pool ball with the family for awhile before hopping out to enjoy a delicious Greek meal, thereafter retiring to your room to get all dolled up for dinner (thought not before a well-deserved nap) and an endless supply of mouth-watering cocktails to keep you cool as you talked, played round after round of hilarious and entertaining card games well into the night before coming home to snuggle up to your loved one.

How a vacation should be, and was, as far as day 2 and 3 were concerned: in a nutshell.



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