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02 December, 2016

Buzz Off & Buzz On

As I'm sure I've mentioned, spending time with Mama has been and will always be one of my number one priorities and favourite things to do.  Being able to do so whilst experiencing some of the newest aspects of her life, along with the new people and the hobbies encompassed within it, just makes it all the better.  I really enjoyed, in particular, tagging along to her beekeeping course as I found it be extremely interesting and with good company with unwavering patience for all of my many questions and more-than-likely terrible jokes in Danish, it made for an overall great time.

Unbeknownst to me, or the rest of the group for that matter, this was to be my last time joining them this summer as in a week's time, I'd evaluated the situation post coffee/cake for 110 vintage car drivers and a Danish/Norwegian gay wedding the same day at the VS Kro the evening before as me requiring the ability to sleep in!!

It was, however, the perfect last day as unlike the last time we were preparing all of the honey, I could stay long enough to see and participate in the whole process--from removing the honey racks from the beehive to having to wash it all down outside, constantly wary of the bees that had followed us over to our honey-prepping shed.  This was the second batch of honey for the summer season which meant that we could buy honey from the first batch!! We essentially grabbed the biggest box they had and filled it on up for friends in London, family members, gift baskets, Christmas presents...(you get the jist--everyone and their Nan was to receive a jar of the honey we got to assist in harvesting), enjoyed a spot of coffee with the crew, and headed off to Mormor and Morfars' for a day with the cousins.

We spent the day much like the others, prancing about in the garden, drinks in hand, floating on Swany (regardless if we were in a body of water or not), listening to music, and squeezing every drop of summertime out while the weather permitted.  Since I didn't have to work the following day, we took the opportunity to also squeeze out as much time together as we could during their short stay, and had a sleepover :)  

We went out, loaded up on liquor, and chatted about everything under the sun, underneath the light of the moon as we sat out on the bridge above the still water (for 30 min. whereby my anxiety/maternal instincts could no longer be put off and I decided that the fun was done--drinking on a bridge, suspended over water, in pitch-black exciting and beautiful as it was, was not going to go well in the long run!!) Even if we all went to bed sober, not a single one of us was known for our gracefulness or coordination so the jig was going to be up one way or the other! :P

The kiddos and I got to know each other a bit more as we shared the smallest to the most incrementally large details of our lives with one another (something always best valued when done face-to-face, rather than on the phone/Skype/via Facebook Messenger as we're normally accustomed to give our geographical differences) on the safety of the dewy grass lawn before our eyelids could no longer keep themselves open (sans-toothpicks) and we called it a night.



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