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09 November, 2016

US Presidential Election Results, 2016: A Reaction

It's a dark day for the history books, a sad day for humanity, and a shocking day for the world. This result is a testament to exactly how much hatred and sheer stupidity is out there. If you're feeling scared, frustrated, angry, confused, &/or or disgraced, just know you're standing alongside a whole hell of a lot of Americans who'd are absolutely ashamed of their fellow citizens for the colossal mess & worldwide joke that they've just ensured our beautiful country will now inevitably become. We must all now work even harder to promote and exercise acceptance and love, going against everything this horrid excuse for a man stands for. As many emotions as we all feel currently, above all else, we cannot let this outcome divide us as a nation or as a world any further than we so clearly already have. America isn't perfect, not by any means...but she damn well deserves better than this.


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