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11 November, 2016

There's My Wild Child

The first two days of August flew on by as the time to pack up and jet back to Arizona to prepare the remaining necessities before heading onwards to start their exciting new chapter in our nation's capital at The George Washington University approached for the kiddos.  Our time was spent with the number one focus just being with one another, snapping up the last goodies from town, and indulging ourselves in fabulous food and wine (don't forget the wine...)

One of the most important goodies that required "snapping up" was a piece of jewellery from Michael to Lina, as a memory of the beautiful summer they shared in one of our collective favourite places in the world.
I came to the realisation that a job at Pandora, or at least in a similar market might be a good idea once I got back to London as the hour we spent in the shop, more than likely tearing at the last pieces of the shop assistant's sanity as Lina bounced about asking to try on one piece after another, questions flowing regarding material, pricing, and origin...could have been spared as every question she had to pose, I could (and did) answer.  Bouncing back between Danish and English to ensure the correct information was mind started whirring.  Let's see where this whim of thought takes me in a month's time.

After much deliberation Lina settled on an elegant little gold ring with a single pearl in the middle. The only issue with jewellery shopping so close to their departure date, given Lina's remarkably small fingers/hands was, yep, you guessed it...sizing.  Thankfully, we've been going to this specific jeweller for many years and they happened to have a guy who could get it done and dusted for us within the hour.  Some things really are just meant to be!!

We scoffed down some Danish hotdogs and did a final round in the second-hand stores--Michael scored big time--as we waited for Lina's new ring to be sized. Presents for family and friends, items they couldn't bear not to take with them on their trans-Atlantic journey, and Lina's most favourite new piece of jewellery in tow, we strutted--feeling very accomplished--back to Mormor and Morfars' to get ready for the traditional dinner down at Bella Italia.

I had the most unforgettable summer with the two of you and I'm so thrilled for you both and all you have to come "home" to.  I hope you both know that you'll always have a home in Denmark so long as I have a connection to it and that my door is forever open to you in London, or anywhere else in the world for that matter.  Thank you for everything buddies :*

Much love,

Dress is Boo Hoo
Jacket is Zara
Sunnies are Ray-ban

Those fly-away hairs though ;)

Hardcore Svendborg graffiti -__-

This fish never ceases to crack me up. 

He put his birthday cactus in the restaurant!! :D

Leave it to Mama to make a feast from our "Thanksgiving" leftovers!


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