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07 November, 2016

The Ants Go Marching

The idea of not having plans and/or commitments following a night of drinking apparently has yet to dawn on me so, for a change, we all got up bright and early and headed to our final flea markets.  The first was the place that allowed Mads and I to essentially furnish and decorate the entirety of our first flat together in Odense (some of the things even made their way to London) so understandably, seeing as Lina and Michael are to move in together in D.C., they were hoping for some of the same luck.

Before heading off to our second destination, a greasy, disgusting, rare stop at McDonalds was deemed necessary.  Feeling slightly more human, we made our way to the largest one on the island, where Michael and I gotten lost (in more ways that one) with Mama a few weeks before.

This time around, however, having the upper-hand, even in our hungover states, we whooshed through with a bunch of goodies in tow by the time we got home.  Of course, it would be far too easy for me to have fallen in love with items that were small, unbreakable, and instead, Mads and I purchased six beer mugs, a King & Queen of the household beer/cider mugs, new shot glasses, and half of the marble Denmark had to offer in the shape of candleholders, napkin holders, kitchen roll holders...When will I ever learn?!

The rest of the day was taken on a much more low-key level and we were (as usual) spoiled to bits by Mama's incredible, Danish take on "Thanksgiving in July" dinner, as per Lina's random request.


Not a bad look ;) 


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