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21 November, 2016

Quality Time

True:  I had decided to go home to Denmark for the summer.  All three months of it.
False:  I had mass amounts of free time to do and see who I pleased.

I'd come home, yes, partially to be able to spend time with family--help my Mum with the new house, see my sister, Michael, & my cousins when they arrived from their respective countries of origin--and too catchup and make some summer memories with friends but none of that would be possible without a source of funding, of course.

Given my decision to terminate my employment at Bloom back in London and how lucky I was to secure not one, but two jobs upon my arrival in Denmark, the main reason I chose to abandon my poor boyfriend and loveliest of friends in London was to make better money having a summer job in Denmark.  This meant that my free time was rarely time I got to choose.  This in return meant, that trying to fit myself into everyone else's schedules on top of my work schedule, simply wasn't possible for the majority of my stay and thankfully, the majority of my peeps respected and understood this. Po, was one of them <3

So when the time came where I had a few days off Mama and I invited her out to see the new place and before I knew it, I'd agreed to go back to Odense to meet her new boyfriend and celebrate his birthday so that we could extend our time together before I was needed back in Svendborg to greet the family from Luxembourg.

It took us (God knows how...the Rosé probably didn't help) 2 hours to get to Rasmus' flat in Odense before we rang in his b-day with wine he schlepped home from his holiday in Italy, junk food, and the slightly dead roses we'd picked for him in Mama's garden before ceremoniously passing out.

The day following was mainly recovery which consisted of a lot of Top Gear, Kardashians, and homemade pizza!



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