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03 November, 2016

On My Level

The morning following the big sha-bang was a rough one to say the least.  We got to bed around 6 a.m. and were up a good 3-4 hours later to clean up the backyard before re-packing and heading back to Svendborg.  How we managed to keep our eyes open that long, was a giant question mark.  Never mind the fact that we'd promised Lina & Mdogg a final night out before they flew back to The States and that night, was the only option...

After dinner and pre-gaming it uppp we headed to a local pub where we, of course, had to show Lina and Michael the strange (and how they've got on doing this for years without legal repercussions is still beyond me) game this chain of bars has become a bit known for.  Basically, you purchase nails up at the bar and then have your go at hammering yours in quicker than your opponents with the hammer available. hammers and nails and inebriated humans came to be a good idea to those who thought it up is beyond me (apart from the fact that it's clearly very entertaining).  What's more, I BEAT THE CARPENTER WUAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAH.  

With my pride (and perhaps some then lacking...) we headed off to "the club" (I can't put into words how much I'm not a fan of going out in Svendborg but we really didn't have many other options :P) and the rest, as they say, is history ;)

Going to miss my two new party buddies <3

that piece of toilet paper though :D 


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