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21 November, 2016

I'll Take It

In the time that Lina tried on half of the store my wandering eye fell upon this beaut.  After locating it in the catalog...and then in the store, I tried it on and my mind was made up!  I might not always know what I want, but I usually do...price tags be damned.  It was rung up and wrapped before Lina turned around to notice that her translator/shopping buddy had disappeared :D

My shopping skills have been carefully honed through the years and while we're still working on Lina's, maybe it's good that only one of us has a shopping addiction.  I'll be the brave big sister here and take that one on!!  I did fall over a stunning ring that would have made the best of friends with this gorgeous new bracelet buuuuttt even I have limits (okay, fine, my debit card has limits) ;)

What brought an even bigger smile to my face (apart from Lina finally selecting the ring and me managing to sneak in a bit of shopping myself) was coming home to Mama who had found a ring and a bracelet from her untouchable Native American jewellery collection that she thought one of us should have.  Lina decided neither were something she would use, though both Mama and I would have preferred that she got them as somehow it always ends up with me getting the jewellery (and almost as surely, the bad luck that I have, breaking/losing it) but alas, this wasn't her taste either and I was completely taken with how cool it looked alongside my sudden strew of bracelets.  I love how the stark differences in their styles compliment each other!!

Pandora's Timeless Elegance Bracelet (as pictured below) available here.



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