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24 November, 2016

Chicer Than You

The second round of adventure time!! We wound up at the local mini-golf place to try our luck at the ancien and equally frustrating course.  I genuinely feared my safety every time Chiara and Tara "went up to bat" so to speak.  I've never seen balls fly in so many different directions, so quickly...I feel like there must be a sport out there for these two that they'd excel in...we've all just yet to discover it!!

Highly entertaining to say the least but clearly, we weren't satisfied enough as we had to try out the playground as well and there, the fun began.  5 year-olds know what real fun is and for those of us still holding onto a bit of their mentality, we wind up on the same page ;) Even though we did kind of temporarily take over half of their playground for about 10 min. before being picked up, I think they enjoyed themselves as well.  After all, it's always cool when the "big kids" want to join in on the fun!!  We headed home to cool off on our "water slide" and out in the sea, spending our time out in the sun, as summer is meant to be spent, and before we knew it, the time had come for us to hop of Swany, abandon our game of Beer Pong (note: my first few games ever and most  definitely not theirs!!), and say thank you for another wonderful day before I caught  my ride home with Mama after she'd come back from her sailing trip around the islands.



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