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24 October, 2016

Vroom Vroom

Round two of our day at Egeskov started after lunch where we headed into the most amazing vintage cars exhibit I have ever witnessed.  These cars were out of this world, and there was such a large variety--old Fords, Rolls Royces, Mercedes in every shape and colour you could imagine!  It was heaven.  In addition to beautiful cars they also had old buses, airplanes, and motors as well.

The room adjacent to the spacious, garage-like area the transportation-related items were showcased was...well...less amazing, and unnecessary for me to have witnessed :P Two words: CREEPY DOLLIES.  *Shivers*

Thereafter, we made our way through to a convenient store--thrown back to approximately 100 years ago.  Although I did love the classic, hard Danish candies that we still eat today, and the fact that some of the kitchen items Lina and Michael purchased for their flat also being on display, I thought the till was one of the coolest pieces.

We looped around through the last few gardens on the other side of the castle, starting with a walk through the "Enchanted Forest", where we made friends with Mama & Bambi before looping around on our way out of the maze and happening upon what looked like a large, open bird cage with two small chairs and a table in between, surrounded by the prettiest of wildflowers.  We stood there, likely as long as we did when viewing all of the authentic gowns, suits, and accessories from the times before us, if not longer.  It was so beautiful, somehow turning into the hi-light of our entire trip, as simple as it was.

We headed home, joined later by our grandparents for a BBQ dinner which consisted of chicken skewers with fresh veg from the garden, Danish meatballs, salad, potatoes, and finally, fresh apples, grilled, and then drizzled with Acacia honey and creme fraiche for dessert.  How we managed to squeeze that all down and then finish off with some marsh mellows at the end of the night without keeling over, God knows :)



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