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12 October, 2016


Good morning everyone :)
I've had enough coffee now that I think I'm considered functional and about to squeeze in a quick workout and a shower before my trial shift!!

Taking a break from the far-more interesting summer-infused posts that have been rolling out, I'll interrupt with a tidbit from my current life.

I could rant on so long that the entire first page of this blog could be filled up about the current state of the US presidential elections so I'll do my best to keep it short.  I was so excited to be able to vote for the first time, especially since I was disappointingly just a few months off of being able to re-elect Barack Obama.  I've been following politics and have been invested and interested in them for awhile now but given the state of world affairs even more now than a few years back, I chose to give up my original choice of a BA in International Relations and Politics to pursue Law earlier than expected, as I'm sure a few of you know.

I figured it'd be better to start early and know that with this degree choice, although I'd likely be helping fewer people, that I'd be helping them concretely and not just making empty promises.  The world of politics is so unique and from those of us who aren't in the middle of it, equally frustrating. I, however, do believe, to a certain extent, that everything is not what it seems.

Donald Trump is one of the exceptions to that rule.
I don't want to give this vile and pathetic excuse for a human being any more publicity than he's already undeservingly garnered but needless to say, I did not vote for him and I so hope that anyone in their right mind, chooses to act the same.

I was an avid Bernie Sanders fan and am still following what I'm sure will be a continuum of a positive and commendable political career although I am absolutely gutted and quite frankly, exceptionally angry that he will not be taking his rightful place as, in the very least, a potential candidate for the presidency this coming November.

Given that I've already stated that I will not be giving one of the biggest embarrassments for America to date my vote, I suppose it's quite obvious who received it.  I don't like being forced into anything and voting is no exception.  It's unarguable that Hillary Clinton is an exceptionally well qualified choice and that she is an incredible woman in her own right.  She has been in this world for many, many years, is well-spoken and intelligent and while many view her as being frigid and cold, that is in my eyes, even more commendable because no one appears that way for shits and giggles--it is an outcome of hard experiences and a choice made in order to participate in what is a predominately male-dominated world.  However, with that being said, I'm unhappy that it's come down to this...Americans having to vote for someone they might not truly believe in just to ensure that the latter doesn't wreak total havoc on our country and in turn, the rest of the world.

In the end, I've done my due diligence and executed some thorough research on the other candidates running for the different roles in the other levels of the US government--mainly those based in Arizona and after re-doing my voting ballot a good three or four times, I finally mailed it out!!

An experience, to say the least.

On a final note...for those of you who have a negative view on Hillary Clinton and are still in such a state that you are actually considering voting for a severely unqualified, moronic, petulant, morally reprehensible, disgusting, narcissistic, sexually abusive, racist, anti-humanity buffoon, please...think again.  Secondly, for those of you who are equally, if not more gutted, that Bernie Sanders does not stand as an option on your voting much of a beautiful and tempting gesture as it may be either not to vote for the final two options or to write in your own...don't.  Every vote Hillary does not secure is one that Donald Trump gets leeway for.

All that being said, I mailed out my very first vote a few days ago and just thought I'd share because I firmly believe voting is one of the most powerful, vital tools that we have--specifically us millennials--and have been excited about it since the day I turned 18 :P

Peace out and fingers crossed!!

P.S. Dear World--please don't hate us.  The majority of us are so ashamed that Donald Trump has made it this far that whatever disdain you may feel for the American population, we can triple.


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