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07 October, 2016

The Big Day

The big day finally came!! After Mama got her new house back in November, it's been a very up-hill battle to say the least.  The previous owner was quite fond of doing things all on his own and that's now made it a very difficult process for us to re-do in firstly, a legal way, but also in a practical and safe way.

The biggest source of motivation for Mama throughout that time was knowing that Lina and Michael were coming in the summer and had previously asked if it would be possible for us all to live out there during that time.  Given all of the issues confronted leading up to that time, unfortunately inclusive of half of the time after they'd landed in Denmark, the fact that it even ended up being possible--even just for those few days--was nothing short of a hard-work fuelled miracle.

The house is a completely different story when it comes to liveability but the old workshop, now turned guest-house/"honeymoon suite" and the Paradise-like garden, were the first stepping-stone and both look unrecognisable from the start.

We packed up a boat-load of food, booze, and our own personal items and headed out bright and early to see the product of all of their (Mama, her workers, our good friends, family...) hard work.
After applying a few finishing touches--flowers from the garden, welcome prezzies, petals spread all over the bed--Michael scooped up little Lionel and "kicked-down" the door as they entered the guest house, jaws dropping as they soaked it all in as Mama, Mormor, and I stood anxiously waiting/photographing.

Tears were shed, hugs were given.  I can't believe that Mama managed it!! The before and after shots here are from something straight out of an "Extreme Home Makeover" episode and frankly, I must admit to be surprised that albeit delayed, that it all ended up being possible.

Here are some shots from the big day and our first day out properly living in Mama's new house where we spent our time picking goodies from the garden, soaking up the sunshine over highly-competitive games of crochet and football, and (quite literally) prancing about in our swimsuits in between sandwiches and cocktails!!

New home, new memories.


Tell me you can prance better.


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