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01 November, 2016

The 50th.

Proof that having your Snapchat game en pointe really messes with your blogging quality!! When I actually remember to keep My Story updated, I tend not to take similar pictures to save for later...a work in progress, bear with me <3 Sorry if you've already seen some of them but I have only recently (and yes, this post is being written and we're now in late September) made it possible to follow me through SMITR (check the right-hand side of the blog :*) so there ought to be "new content" for the majority :)

Anywho, here are some pictures from Ole's 50th. birthday party in Odense!! Came via train-bus (yep, that's a thing) because (shock) they shut down the train system between Svendborg and Odense during the summer for work, after waving goodbye to Lina and Michael who decided to spend the day on one of our "neighbouring" islands, Ærø.  

I cannot emphasize how much I despise public transport and as embarrassing as it may be to admit, how much I missed having legal access to uber this summer!!

We had Mette, a family friend and amazing chef, helping out for the occasion dealing with everything that was grill-able (just, for a second, remember that this is a thing ;) ) and by the time I arrived, all had already been purchased, prepared, and setup for the most part so we all soaked up some sunshine over a beer/cider or two before getting ready for the crazy evening ahead.

The whole fam was invited so it was quite a large affair and it's been ages since I'd seen most of them so it was great to see everyone, hear what's been going on in their lives, and enjoy an evening with them.  I must admit, I was most excited to see Trine, one of Mads' cousins again, since it was the first time I'd be seeing her following the news of her and Martin expecting a lil 'un together!! She was positively glowing, I cannot wait to see this little nugget of joy!!

The evening passed over copious amounts of perfect summer food, endless conversations over an endless supply of alcohol, a painful amount of "classic" Danish music, and so much dancing, you wouldn't be surprised to hear how everyone, regardless of their age class, was sore the day following :D

I hope you had a wonderful, wonderful birthday Daddy #2.  Here's to 50 more!!

Lots of love,


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