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19 October, 2016

I Want A Castle

When most people think of Denmark, I'm not sure our plethora of castles throughout our tiny country are the first thing to come to mind.  My sister and myself are however, not most people.  I've always thought of Denmark, long before I moved there, as a fairytale country of sorts and in many ways, I still see it as such.  It's for these reasons that it was of the utmost importance for Michael to bop around and experience the regal architecture our country had to offer.  

Although Lina and Michael weren't able to visit as many of Denmark's beautiful castles as hoped, Egeskov was at the top of the list and understandably so!  If I've been to Egeskov before, it was during a time I have no recollection of, so I, of course, wanted to tag along as well.

We kicked off our day by starting, fittingly so, in Caroline's garden.  Afterwards, we made our way towards the exhibits in the castle to gawk over the ensembles the ladies and gents of another era galavanted about in--specifically over those fitted to those with blue blood.  We really need more opportunities to prance about in ball gowns in the opinion of both my sister and myself.  An opinion, I can only imagine we are not alone in sharing!!  

One of the most attractive aspects of Egeskov castle is its array of stunning gardens which we spent half of the day roaming around in and soaking up all of the well-kept beauty of.  Lina and Michael favourite the classic rose garden in front of the castle itself whereby I think my favourite was  the hidden water garden (as I'm sure you can tell by the pictures where I recall verbally deciding that I would be nothing without one myself).  

We stepped inside some of the rooms of the castle (you know, for interior decorating ideas and all ;)), wandering further and further up the staircases until we reached the attic (thankfully for poor Michael who in the room prior, had to duck awkwardly to avoid bashing his head on the ceiling) where they kept all sorts of old-school kitchen items, porcelain plate sets, and the vintage toys.

Of course, our day at Egeskov was well documented  to say the least so be sure to stay tuned for a follow-up post.


"Come to me my people."


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