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10 October, 2016

Breathless In The Treetops

Day two out in the countryside came with Mads' early morning arrival so that us kids could go out and scare ourselves sh*tless at the Gorilla Park.  Lina and I had been a few times before, mainly with our cousins from Luxembourg which honestly, was quite motivational as with even just small age difference, we convinced ourselves that whatever a 10-year-old could do, we should be able to as well.

After translating the security instructions surrounding our harnesses and making our way through the practice courses, we were off!! We started on one of the courses that we had tried before as a good "starter" for the group.  I was petrified just on the first obstacle course.  Mads was breezing on through, me hyperventilating behind him, followed up by Lina who for some strange reason was cool as a cucumber through it all, smile plastered on her face, and Mdogg in the rear.

We were unarguably the loudest, most hilarious least to all of the onlookers who sure found our fear to be highly amusing FROM THE SAFETY OF THE GROUND!!! The amount of cursing and taking the Lord's name in vain within a 20 min. timespan must have broken a few world records. Of course, once we finished the first course, we felt like champions.  Frozen, and hungry, but champions nonetheless.

After scarfing down some food from off the grill, having all-but-completely forgotten how petrified we (okay, Michael and I...the two people with a fear of heights) had been, we decided to upgrade. One of the guides approached us as we were preparing to head up to the first obstacle course, making sure that we knew what we were getting into as the first obstacle in itself was 20 metres in the air.  I think Mads knew exactly what we were getting into, but the Americans of the group just took that as a big number and started climbing, not fully sure of exacccttllyyy how high up we were. I could.not.move. Mads was already on the second platform, completely invisible from the distance of the zip-line so I waited, shaking, telling myself just to enjoy the view and for the love of all things good and holy, NOT TO LOOK DOWN, until Lina climbed up that never-ending ladder and joined me.  She was so convinced that we had done this exact course a few years back with Benjamin and Camilla since it was the only one she could see that took us to the other side of the forest, much like the one she recalled.

With that seemingly solid piece of advice, I hooked myself up to the zip line, told myself "f*ck it" a couple times, told my sister I loved her so many times that the people waiting behind us (thankfully very sweet and very patient and also...half our age...) must have been rolling on the ground laughing, I took the plunge, and off I went!!  Sweet lord.  I somehow do not recall zip-lining in Costa Rica being as scary as this!!  The only benefit of this course was the fact that there were no real obstacle courses, just zip-lining the entire way.  However beautiful the views were, I'd have preferred being a bit (just a bit, c'mon, 26 metres is a lot guys) closer to the ground and more challenged in the obstacle courses as I think that's where the fun is.

It got to the point where the sole two motivations we had to finish the course were the promise of strong drinks at home and the fact that we were so far out in the woods and so high up that we'd convinced ourselves the only way we could get down if we wanted to was to finish the course.  I don't think Michael or I stopped shaking for the entirety of the course, screaming Taylor Swift songs while sailing through the treetops, alternating between this, and a few Disney classics to calm our unshakeable nerves as our partners attempted to comfort us.

BUT WE DID IT.  WE DID IT AND WE SURVIVED AND NO ONE WAS (severely...) INJURED AND AND AND...I actually think we convinced the group that we were going to go back and do the absolutely most difficult ones.  That God-like state-of-mind, delusional high though ;)  For what I'd like to think are obvious reasons, there are "unfortunately" no pictures of us doing the courses.  It was debated, and I tried to secure my phone in a variety of highly-imaginative places but alas, I couldn't deal with the nearly inevitable outcome that would result in me feeling very stupid and very phone-less :D

Having made it home safe and sound, we poured ourselves a few of those nice, strong drinks that acted as our will to live nearly 30 metres up in the trees, watered the plants, got our grill on, and played charades until we were all so sore in our bellies from laughing that the breathlessness we felt at Gorilla Parken was rivalled.

I'd only contemplate re-enjoying near-death experiences with you guys!


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