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10 September, 2016

The Unfaithful Dog, The Huntress, & The Squad Reunited

This was just one of those absolutely perfect summer days!! Beautiful weather, the water was warm, bikinis were the only clothing we wore while tanning out on the grass down by the water while playing Kongespil, 500, & Trivial Pursuit with some very serious crab-fishing (hunting, rather) in between.

Mother, I'd like to think enjoyed herself, even amidst what she felt to be the ultimate betrayal--Bølle's everlasting new-found love for Michael and it's safe to say my competitiveness knows no bounds.  8 crabs for me, two for the...others ;) :D 

Lina and Mama's got their asses to them in Trivial Pursuit v.s. Michael and I...hilariously so as, incase it was apparent, Michael is absolutely not even remotely fluent in Danish and even I have to ask for my Mum to translate some of the cards into English ahaha We could actually understand Michael reading out some of the questions more often than we'd expected...even if he did sound like a very passionate German while doing so!! I was thoroughly impressed and frankly, the words he had issues with pronouncing, I did as well haha 

We finished off our time in the sun with a Danish strawberry tart before having to cut our outdoor summer fun short so we could go get ready for our sushi dinner date with Michala and her boyfriend before hitting the town.



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