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20 September, 2016

Tan, Eat, Party: Repeat

Attempted tanning (note the outcome in the photographs below...), delicious traditional Danish food, pre-drinks with the creme de la creme involving an awful lot of shots, even more boogie-ing (made all the more by my "disco pants" ) to some fab music, the strangest of topic discussions...all resulting in one of the best nights out I've had in a long while!! I wish we could do this more often (and that I was smart enough to remember to bring my phone with me to capture some of it...)

The day following was a little rough around the edges, let's say haha Made even more so when Morfar decided to request the arm strength of our men to lift our little boat out into the water hahahhahahaha Michael's face when he asked was the most priceless thing!! "He is joking, right?":D



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