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17 September, 2016

Sushi Comas, Piña Coladas, & A Sock-less Night

The evening was off to a rather interesting start as you could just have given any of us the tiniest of pushes and we'd have rolled all the way through town and into the car!

Michala had reserved a table for us at a new sushi restaurant/concept here in Svendborg that had apparently either taken over or joined forced with my favourite sushi place (previously Sushi Koekken) to create Sushi Stuen.

The concept they have in place is one to avoid food waste which I am ALL ON BOARD FOR!! After 3+ years in the hospitality industry, you'd think I'd have gotten used to seeing everything that gets chucked in the bin without a second thought.  Think again.  What Sushi Stuen does is they ask for a price per head (240 kr.) and you order anything and everything off of the menu and can just keep it coming.  The catch (no pun intended, swearsies!) is that for every table, you're only allowed to leave 5 pieces of sushi.  Nope, not per person, per table.  For every piece above those 5 that is left, it's 10-20 kr. (I can't quite remember) that you have to pay as a "consequence" of your hungry hungry hippo greed.

We started with some tempura shrimp and from thereon, it's all a delicious blur of seafood-y goodness.  Lina, the big talker that she is, declared that she could easy consume 20 pieces, so we could all rest easy.  After the first round and a half, Michael and I keeping tally marks on our place mats (again with that competitiveness...), felt satisfactorily full.  Then, oh, then, came another massive whopper of a round that Michala's boy (who up until that point was so, so popular and welcomed into the group) had ordered unbeknownst to Lina, Mdogg, or myself.

It was nearly embarrassing, though definitely more impressive, the amount of sushi consumption that occurred.  Lina, shockingly, did not even come close to her sushi quota, which meant that in divvying out the plethora of sushi in front of us, she had an awful lot of catchup to do!!

Little nugget was not looking too great so Michael and I, the apples of her eyes, came to her rescue.

If it sounds dramatic guys, it's because it was.  I can only imagine the things these waiters witness on the daily!! hahaha We definitely had plans to get drunk...and managed...just off of sushi, as you do.

Onwards to Michala's where Piña Coladas were in abundance over Egyptian Rat Screw, the most enthusiastic (and exhausting) dance breaks/rapping performances a'la Mdogg & myself took place.
The group played possibly the shortest game of beer (Champagne, cider, Christmas beer, Vodka...) bowling in history, and suddenly JOE-A-CHIMMM and co. showed up to add to the party.

A sickly though thoroughly entertaining night :*



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