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26 September, 2016

On The Ocean Blue

Good morning beauties :*
How are you all doing?

A family friend of ours so graciously accepted my Mother's request for us all to come out sailing with him as unfortunately, due to age, our grandparents sold their beautiful sailboat a few years back.  Lina and I love sailing, it runs in the family!! The only exception with us being that we do not (as of yet that is) actually know how to sail.  In our defence, spending 15+ years growing up in a desert doesn't provide the easiest of access to such a learning experience either!

Erling repeatedly told my Mother, apologising for the fact that there wasn't nearly as much room on his new boat as there was on the one he had previously.  Never mind that!  We were all so ready and rearing to head out on the ocean blue that you could have told us we wouldn't be able to turn around for two hours and we'd still have hopped on the opportunity to come out and sail!!

So we woke up bright and early, throwing on our trainers and a bikini in the bag, grabbed some sandwiches and cool drinks, and headed off to the harbour to meet with our Captain for the day :)

It was absolutely stunning weather and we actually managed to sail by sail for the majority of our trip before having to give in and use the motor for the remainder due to lack of wind.  We laid anchor to jump off the boat and swim around a bit (cautiously so, avoiding the...quote..."EVIL JELLIES!!!"), working up an appetite (not that it's necessary, I find that we are consistently, constantly hungry) for our lunch before heading back in to shore.

Mama was on cloud nine as she ended up sailing for about 95% of the excursion and she loves it! Captain Erling was so impressed that now she's been invited out with him and some of his sailing buddies for racing around the islands every week!

The crew headed back home for a little nap (gotta love summer!!) and enjoyed (minus Michael & I trying Herring simultaneously) an open-sandwich din din.

Thank you to all of y'all for your contributions in making it such an absolutely lovely trip!!



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