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06 September, 2016

Favourite Place, Favourite People

Hopeless wanderers that we are, we took a stroll through Faaborg, fawning over the adorable little shops and the endless stream of cafés that were just too good to resist in the end ;)  Though we managed to escape without purchasing anything, we decided to rest our feet over some hot chocolate and Bailey's, nachos, a sandy, and an unfortunately lack-of-a-burger before heading down to the harbour for a gander at the boats and perhaps an ice cream cone Lina insisted was calling her name. 

We got so caught-up in a game of "stang-tennis" (how to translate...hmm...pole tennis? :P) that our original ice cream idea was put on hold until later that evening after dinner where we went down to our usual spot--down near the harbour where our grandparent's had their old house--and enjoyed them while watching the sun set over the ocean.



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