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20 September, 2016


Mads came to this bunch in a decently (and highly amusing, I'm certain) hungover state, right in time for us to catch some sunshine and compete in the "cutest/coolest couple competition" we, you guessed it, competitively found ourselves in after a few rounds of playing Kongespil against each other.  Before the boys even knew what they had gotten themselves into Mads was twirling me upside down and him and Michael were suddenly in a game of who can lift their girlfriend in the air the highest and for the longest amount of time, with a flashy dismount of course, with Mama judging from the balcony hahaha Giving up and calling it a draw, we proceeded to happily consume half of our body weight in the ever famous enchiladas!!

The day was overall very relaxed, and ended off very similarly with us soaking in the spa, looking out at the beautiful summer night scene.

The boy dragged along one of my new Just Fab UK heels that I've been soooo excited to receive and they are perfect (as the usually are).  You can get them here :) I will share with you my other purchases once I'm back in London as there was no point for Mads to bring along even more stuff considering I currently still have two overweight suitcases full of things and that's deducting the entire suitcase worth of stuff he's schlepping back home for me! What a doll √  I can't believe our 3 year anniversary is coming up...what the hell?!




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