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16 September, 2016

Bigger & Better

2? 3? years running with the usual suspects, now with the addition of their partners (and the absence of mine :( ) I'd say is pretty well done, especially considering it's never much more than just once a year that we're all in the same place.

We also managed, without any awareness or planning, to get together and go out the exact same day as we did last year!  What are the odds? What would have been even weirder is if the enchilada fiasco that went down this time the previous year had continued as well but alas, it was delayed a day so that Mads could devour them alongside us when he flew in the day after.  Given the disgustingly full state we were all in after our sushi dinner, I'd say we came pretty close to the "real thing" :P

The crew just keeps getting bigger and better!



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