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28 August, 2016

Throw That...Wait

A few snaps from a slightly melodramatic summer evening...

After enjoying Mama's chicken stir-fry, the kiddos grabbed their Rosé and headed out to throw it dooownnn in some Kongespil. However, unfortunately Mdogg & my serious skills weren't the only things thrown.  In an enthusiastic lunge (which I ironically enough managed to capture) Lina managed to throw her knee out.  It hasn't happened very often, thankfully, his being my first time witnessing it and oh, oh that poor little nugget!!!

Apparently she has too low grooves which means that her knee cap can slip right out and needs to be pushed back into place slowly.  We sent Michael and Michala inside, hoping to distract the cavalry that is a determined previous physical therapist of a Nan and Mama with all of her nurse skills. Sounds a bit off to want them to maintain their distances but I'm sure we all know a person, if not multiple people, that's just a tiiinnyyy bit too hands on in situations involving pain :P

After what felt like forever (I do NOT like seeing my nugget in pain :( </3) Lina managed to push her knee cap back into place, leaving the task of getting her inside next on the to-do list.  We waved Mormor and Mama over, emptying out their medical supplies haha and slowly put on a knee-brace before I carried her in, one leg draped over my hip, the injured dangling straight downwards...what a scene :P

Mormor popped Lina onto a rolling office chair whereby Michael wheeled her up to the staircase while I held her leg straight out before swooping Nuggetron up on my back and carrying her upstairs for a highly amusing game of Trivial pursuit.  In between Lina devouring chocolate as a pain reliever and my exceedingly hoarse and cracking voice, exacerbated every time I laughed and followed up by a gnarly cough...such a health bunch :D  When Michala's boyfriend came to pick her up, I can only imagine what went through his mind walking into the crazy house!!



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