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22 August, 2016


I've unfortunately taken ill with a gnarly cough that's knocked me off my feet and right back into bed, accompanied with a congestion-based migraine that won't quit.  In other words, I've been rendered useless, with Michael trailing closely behind me, sneezing every other minute, head aching.  Lionel definitely infected us with whatever she had :/

The past two days have thereby been taken at a much slower pace than the previous.  Laundry's been done, cocoa and homemade whipped cream is being consumed with great pleasure, I've tapped into all of the old original episodes of Lilo & Stitch, & we've somehow managed to increase our wine-intake as we noticed over a game of 500/One Direction Jam Session last night when a bottle somehow magically disappeared and we appeared sober as ever haha

Lina and Michael dared venture into town to see the Saturday market and attended an organ concert at the church while I've sat at home getting some work done.

Here's hoping we will all improve alongside this horrid "summer" weather because being bed-ridden while on summer holiday with limited time with each other...not optimal.



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